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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  May 15, 2011 11:00pm-11:15pm EDT

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>> the news edge starts right now. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. three young lives lost killed in an early morning crash. tonight the 20-year-old driver, their friend, is facing charges. the scene of that deadly wreck, olney maryland. thanks for staying with us. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm will thomas. tonight the young driver is locked up. police think he just walked away from the accident scene and left his friends behind without even calling for help. fox 5's roz plater is here with a closer look at what happened. >> investigators are still trying to determine how and why this accident happened but say sadly it should also serve as a reminder to teens and parents to be safe during this prom season. now the crash happened around 3:00 this morning. a silver toyota veered off olney laytonsville road, struck a utility pole and two trees. police are trying to determine what factors may have been involved, whether it was speed, alcohol or drugs or something
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else. the three young people died, all current or former students at magruder high school. the crash has shaken the community and parents of teenage drivers. >> she's got her learner's and yeah, the only thing you can do is just be in that car with them as much as you can and teach them as much as you can. make sure they know the right and wrong things to do. >> my best advice to tell anyone is one, watch the roadway, watch your speed limit, buckle up and i'm not saying that to any of these causes in this particular case. >> reporter: now the driver of that car is 20-year-old kevin coffay who faces a slew of felony charges after leaving the scene, failing to render aid, failing to report the accident. we're told that officers set up surveillance and three hours later police found him near his rockville home several miles away. investigators say he tried to elude police. that driver is currently being held on a half million dollar bond and is due in court tomorrow afternoon.
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thousands of police officers converged on the u.s. capitol this morning to pay tribute to fallen comrades. they were joined by thousands more relatives of the fallen all adding flowers to a memorial wreath. among them was the widow of montgomery county officer police sergeant hector ayala who was killed in a car crash last year on his way to a call. his wife melissa is the mother of four children, a 2-year-old boy and triplet girls born after their far appear death. father's death. >> with having the babies i haven't had much time to grieve, but i'm proud to do it. i'm proud to be here for my husband. >> homeland security secretary janet napolitano spoke at the memorial. the wreath is now at the national law enforcement officers memorial. a rotating honor guard will stand vigil until midnight. he made it official yesterday, mike huckabee announcing he will not run in 2012. now the fight to win his supporters really begins. gop presidential candidate ron
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paul made his case today on fox news sunday. here's a listen. >> i would say i'm pretty well equipped and i've had a fair amount of experience. i was in the military five years. that gives me a little experience. so i would say i'm pretty well equipped, but to brag that i can run things, i don't do that because that's not what a president is supposed to do. a president is supposed to guarantee and work for the protection of liberty and allow people to take care of their problem. >> another republican contender, former house speaker newt gingrich spoke on meet the press. gingrich says america is at a crossroads. >> we have a moment in history where we can get our house in order if we have the courage to stick to the job. i helped balance the budget for four straight years. we did it by cutting taxes and bringing the unemployment rate down to below 4%. the no. 1 job in america today is to get people back to work. >> when asked about other republicans like mitt romney and donald trump, gingrich said both men are capable of raising
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enough money in their campaigns to become viable candidates. with gas prices cutting into americans' budgets the president is now willing to expand drilling for oil in the gulf and alaska, but he also wants to stop giving tax breaks to big oil companies. a committee will hold harings on the national energy policy this week, but the president's plan to nix those tax credits is coming from his critics. >> i'd focus on these broader issues, maybe a larger energy plan or tax reform. that's where we should be having these discussions, not just on one industry and picking out one industry. >> the republican legislation actually requires the president to extend these leases and to make decisions within a reasonable period of time like 60 days, for example, or if they're going to deny the drilling permits, to explain in writing why not so that those can be appealed. >> the president's internet address this weekend included his push for development of
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alternative energy sources and making the nation's 33% -- nation 33% less dependent on foreign oil in the next 10 years. all systems go for endeavour appear a final flight, the shuttle and -- endeavour's final flight, the shuttle and crew set for liftoff at exactly 8:56 a.m. the previous problems are now apparently fixed, but now the when may not cooperate. the forecast is for a 30% chance of less than ideal conditions in the morning. >> by launch time our main concern will be cross-winds at the shuttle and there's a slight chance of a low cloud ceiling as well. >> they do not take chances. if for some reason endeavour can't launch tomorrow, there's achance they would hold 48 hours and try again wednesday instead of the normal 24 hour hold because the weather is expected to be more cooperative then. maryland has gotten approval from the epa to thin the deer population by using birth control. it's the first state to get the
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nod. first there's a tranquilizer dart. then the deer is giving a drug approved by the fda and dna -- and dnr's wildlife supervisor said it might be a good solution where wildlife hunting is not allowed. one shot is effective. if the deer gets another shot, it could be sterile for life. >> there's no human safety issues as related to the chemicals jebed into deer. epa will require -- injected into the deer. epa will require anyone using it to tag the deer. it demonstrates we're fairly open minded. we occasionally get accused of being all about lethal control. this clearly distinguishes us from that category. >> badido says it will be costly and difficult to try to get of dee two years in a row, but the -- deer two years in a row, but the humane society approves of the method. >> welcome rain, to wind to
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hail to storms to thunderstorms and lightning. we'll let you know what to expect as we get ready for your workweek. stay with us. we'll be back right after the break. 
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in the weather department plenty of rainfall that moved across the area. we had some lightning and hail reported in northwest d.c. we got a call about that, but look at the line now. most of it has moved its way to the east and we are expecting
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to get a few breaks here and there, plus this unsettled pattern we've been dealing with is not going anywhere. let's look at radar for you and show you what's happening. we had a warm front move through the north earlier today, low pressure system pulling this weak cold front along to the east and that has been a trigger point for the storms that popped up a little bit earlier, very harm humid unstable air mass in place and then once we got the sun breaks, that kind of heated up things with this cold front coming through firing things up. still have wet when to move through behind this, not much of a break. we'll have to deal with this into the course of tonight and the week actually because that system is stalling out. we have a coastal flood advisory until 10:00 monday, tides expected to be 1 to 2 feet above average. speaking of temperatures, averages, 75, hit it right on the mark today for national airport, 77 at dulles and 77 in baltimore, just about 3 degrees warmer than the average high for today. right now temperatures into the 60s, 66 at d.c., 61
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gaithersburg, 63 manassas, 63 dulles and baltimore. so as i mentioned, that system will stall out and as it does, it's going to leave us in this pattern right throughout the week where we'll end up seeing rain showers and a chance of storms each and every day of the week. so keep your embrel ha handy. mostly cloudy tonight, passing showers -- umbrella handy, mostly cloudy tonight, passing showers, tomorrow could see afternoon storms kicking up, 74 degrees starting out with some morning hours and here's that five-day forecast. a chance of wet weather each day as i mentioned. wednesday could be a day where the storms start to pick up. the chance is severe, so we'll keep our eyes to the sky. it doesn't get much better than this for students at a florida high school. jane lynch better known as sue sylvester on fox's glee made a surprise appearance at the school's pep rally yesterday. >> lynch is making a real difference in the lives of those students. >> reporter: pep rallies are supposed to be loud, but thanks to a certain someone ears are
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probably still ringing after friday morning's rally at palmetto high. [ cheering ] >> how many times do you have a celebrity at your school? >> reporter: yes, that's sue sylvester herself glee actress jane lynch, a huge supporter of the school's rowing club having donated $15,000 worth of money and equipment to the first year team. she and her wife are close to the deep's coach. >> it meant a lot to us to be here -- kids' coach. >> it meant a lot to us to be here. look at all these kids and they're so committed and have done so well this year. >> reporter: lynch or sylvester also doing well this year, fox's glee continuing to be a big hit. >> i'm a really big glee fan, so it was like amazing. i'm starstruck. >> reporter: two episodes of the popular series remain this season. what's in store next season? even she doesn't know. >> i never know what to expect. i find out when i get the script and it's usually the day before we shoot. i'm a big fan of joany mitchell
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and if we could do a joany mitchell episode without it getting really depressing, that would be great. >> reporter: no doubt the gleeks will be tuning in to find out. >> the greatest thing is when a high school kid comes up to me and says i love your show and i say that's great and they stop me and say no, i love your show. it's almost like a religious fervor is. >> reporter: thanks to her show and continued support, she'll have plenty of fans for a long time to come. >> feels real good to have someone come in such as her and support the school and support the community and you don't get that all the time. >> she just seems like such a cool person. >> yeah. the fact that she slept all the way from florida to l.a. >> good for her, though. that does it for us. fox 5 news always on >> we have to get on out of here. lindsay murphy is here with nissan sports xtra coming your way right now. 
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